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What Your Hair is Saying About You?

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There’s nothing like an appointment with your favourite stylist that will give you an instant boost of mood and confidence. But did you know that when it comes to making a favourable impression on other people, not just any kind of look will do? How your co-workers perceive you in an office setting or how attractive you appear to other people—these will depend significantly on your appearance.

One important aspect that makes up your overall appearance is your hairstyle. It really depends on how long or short your hair is, people will either look at you as a wise and mature person or a youthful go-getter.

Here are some of the main hairstyles you can go for and the corresponding signals that you’ll send to people.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Short hairstyles give off a straightforward, professional vibe. Women who go for a short haircut are generally seen as classy and smart. They are also perceived as extremely confident. Most likely this is because of the amount of self-assurance women need in order to rock out a short, hip hairstyle.

If you work in an office and would like to be looked at as capable, a short, blunt cut or bob can help you make that happen. Of course, you would need to project self-confidence too on your end.

Long Romantic Waves

You can look more youthful and desirable to men with long, romantic waves that are reminiscent to that of Disney princesses. However, this style might not be so advantageous at work as you could be seen as high-maintenance and even as less professional. To counter this impression, don’t be afraid to speak up at meetings and to take the lead in projects to give off the impression that you can be a capable professional.

With this kind of hairstyle, you would want to get regular trims every six to eight weeks to keep your long, gorgeous locks in a healthy condition.

Blonde or Brunette?

Society has this general stereotypical idea that blondes are fun, outgoing, and kind of ditzy types while brunettes are severe and mysterious. Unfair, right? Well, while there’s little we can do to change established social and cultural mores like that, all we can do as women is to embrace the colour we’re born with regardless of society’s perception or to experiment with new colours if you feel up to it. But remember that dying your hair can bring with certain signs of damage, so make sure you treat your locks to some deep-conditioning treatments to keep them in good condition.

Ultimately, as women, we don’t always want to stick to a particular look or style. For instance, if you are the short-haired professional at work, there might be times when you would to let loose and glam up. With remy hair extensions from Jadore permanent hair extensions online store, you can have long and beautiful locks in an instant.