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What You Need to Know About Permanent Hair Removal

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Both men and women can suffer from an excess of hair. These highly visible strands can be found on the face as well as all of the body. This can cause individuals to feel quite conscious when going out in public, especially when going to places like a swimming pool or the beach.

Most hair removal methods are temporary. At the most, they may be able to prevent re-growth for a couple of weeks. Then, individuals must use the procedures once more to get rid of the issue at hand. In addition to being time consuming and frustrating, this can also get quite costly. This is why numerous clinics such as Australian Laser offer services for permanent hair removal. If this is something that you are considering, here is what you need to know:

The Follicle is Targeted

When shaving or using depilatory creams, it is only the visible hair that is removed. The follicle below the skin remains untouched which is why the re-growth is so fast. With waxing, the root of the hair is removed but the follicle is still present. With permanent hair removal, the follicle is the main focus of the treatment. Here, bursts of energy is sent to the follicle, destroying it. As a result, the re-growth of the hair is prevented or at the very least, slowed down a great deal.

It is Done Over a Period of Time

This is one of the more misunderstood things about lasting hair removal. Unlike with shaving or waxing, the results may not be seen immediately. Instead, patients are required to re-visit clinics every four to eight weeks. This is because the destruction of the follicle must be done over a period of time. However, once it has taken place, there will be no need to revisit the clinic again. Furthermore, it is quite likely that you will be able to see a reduction in the volume of the hair after several sessions.

The Entire Body Can be Treated

 As most individuals who are hirsute are aware, unwanted hair can grow all over your face and body. Even in places that typically can’t be reached with razors or wax strips. Fortunately, the permanent hair removal process can be used on almost any part of the body. This includes the face and any other sensitive areas. Therefore, customers can enjoy full coverage and not have to rely on any other products again.

It is Best Handled by Professionals

These days, it is not all that difficult for various spas and salons to get a hold of the technology used. This means that such services can be offered by almost anybody. Nonetheless, for the safest and best possible results, it is wise to visit certified or experienced individuals. Each person is different and as such, professional individuals will need to examine your skin type, tone, and other factors. Only then will they be able to determine what approach is right for you. These steps are typically only taken at clinics and other licensed places.

This is what you need to know regarding the permanent removal of hair. You will be better equipped to decide if this is what will work for and where to seek such services. By utilising such methods, you will be able to enjoy life a great deal more.