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Waist training is actually to reduce waist size and accentuate curves with the aid of a waist trainer. Continuous use of the waist trainer combined with workout will give you that hourglass figure – that tiny waist and curves above the hips.

The inspiring side of it is that anyone can do it but it is important to determine if it is fit for you. Most of these celebrities actually do their work out with their waist trainer to get the best of result. Kim Khardasianalso makes use of waist trainer with her corset on working out. You can also check out some great waist trainers to buy.

Before starting out, you should know that there are different waist trainer with varieties of fabrics, boning and closures. You need to pick the right latex waist trainer with good boning and an adjustable 3 hook and eye front closure, a steel-boned waist trainer is recommended.

Also, there is something to note in the course of your training; if you feel uncomfortable or experience abnormality in your breathing, remove the waist trainer immediately. It is an indication that your device is too tight or not properly fitted.

If you are a novice in waist trainer you don’t need to look further, this guide will take through the rudiments of achieving your desired waist shape. We have made this guide simple enough for any beginner to comprehend easily.

The Guidelines:

Day 1

Wear your waist trainer for two hours the first day. You may feel uncomfortable at first but no problem you will get used to it. And peradventure you feel at ease the first day, you can adjust the time upward to three hours.

Day 2

The second day put on your waist trainer for four hours but you feel any sort of pain or pinching, remove the trainer but if otherwise, with the trainer on, try to start an exercise like basic stretching to prepare your body for real lengthier exercise.

Day 3

By now you must have gotten accustomed to using the waist trainer and don’t forget the hours of wearing increase daily so today the trainer you should be worn for six hours. Continue with the body stretching and add like 10 minutes of cardio.

Day Four

It should be getting easier to do right now. The waist trainer should be worn for eight good hours today. The best benefit of having the waist trainer on is that compressing your stomach helps to reduce your food intake

Day Five

The trainer is worn for nine hours and you should increase your cardio up to 20 minutes. Also always remember to eat the right diet. Food plays its role in achieving your desired result.

Day Six

By now you should be more accustomed to your trainer and be feeling more comfortable. Also you will notice that the trainer is getting loose in fit, no problem that is a sign that you are getting it right. Just tighten the closure.  And remember you are wearing it for ten hours today. And if you can do that for 8 weeks with the proper diets, you will be amazed at the results you will get.

Day Seven

Wow! After successfully (I guess right?) completed the above steps, keep wearing it for 10 hours and per day and accompany it with the proper diet. Also note that body frame differs, so you may not get the same result at the same time as your friend, even if you started together.