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Versatile and Beautiful the To scana Shearling Gilet

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We all expect the fashion pieces we invest in to be beautiful to the eye but as important are their versatility. That is why the gilet is one of the most treasured wardrobe staples, and when it’s made of fur, it’s a timeless standout.

The fur gilet is stunning in natural beauty and texture with numerous options for creating elegant ensembles. It features a sleeveless design that hits at the waist and offers seasonless styling for casual or formal looks.

When sheepskin is used to make a shearling gilet, the luxe factor cannot be denied. In fact, the garment delivers double the styling features with an urban attitude. For example, the shearling gilet always has a snuggly lining no matter how you wear it. You can wear the gilet reversed and completely covered in its chic wool fur, or you can put it on the classic way with its smooth suede-like sheepskin and lovely fur trim that highlights the edges and center of the vest. Ties at the waist keep this gorgeous piece neatly closed to flatter the figure.

Toscana gilet is an exquisite choice that is admired for its super silky fur and supreme versatility against the elements. A Toscana gilet can provide plenty of warmth during very cold temperatures and moisture and do so with amazing durability. It’s an excellent and affordable investment that spells glamour and high quality.

Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Alexa Chung, Cindy Crawford, Olivia Palermo, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Poppy Delavigne have all showed off their street style with a sumptuous sheepskin gilet.

A genuine sheepskin gilet is warm and cozy, rich-looking and perfect for today’s modern woman. It is a fine wardrobe essential that can be worn over and under a variety of clothing, and since it is sleeveless, the piece can stand alone or be paired with long and short sleeve garments.

Surely, some women buy cheaper, faux sheepskin, but these purchases tend to shed, are not as warm and versatile and cannot compare to the real thing.

Many women enjoy coupling their authentic sheepskin gilet with skinny jeans, boots or a pair of dressy pumps.

The Toscana gilet is also available in pretty colors that will show off your favorite fashion pieces. For instance, there are black and navy fur gilets for that runway vibe and neutral shades like camel, taupe and chocolate for that classic casual ensemble.

A shearling gilet is a key layering piece that will be worn often, and because of its keen reversibility, it can go with a variety of other textured garments. In other words, this gilet won’t sit in the closet for long. It’s ideal for women of all ages and will never go out of style.

Trends come and go, and women often become bored with their wardrobes. A Toscana gilet is one piece that keeps you toasty warm and at the fashion forefront.