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The hottest trainer launches this week

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One of the garments that are definitely a must in the closet of any man are the mens sneakers shoes because, for their comfort and design, they are the footwear par excellence for a casual, sporty and urban look.

These models have captured the catwalks and the fashion shops, as men’s footwear has diversified and allowed to play with textures and colours without leaving aside the masculine, fashion for men is on the way and begins to be More flexible and purposeful.

  1. Crank White

Wearing a pair of sneakers is a guarantee of a style adapted to the nostalgic trend. And is that 883 Police each shoe remains unalterable its characteristic of comfort and simplicity combined with the highest technology of our days in addition to simplicity when seeking maximum comfort.

This shoe is made of leather and suede. With rubber soles and reinforced toes. Crank White is synonymous with style. And the sober and clean design of the Crank White makes these sneakers a basic of any contemporary wardrobe background. It is one of the most emblematic urban sports shoes

Available at 883 police, priced £ 50

  1. Fly Grey

This type of footwear is totally timeless, ideal for any season. It has two rubber moulds and is made for the man who wants comfort first and foremost with excellent design. This footwear not only allows comfort when walking, it is combinable with different types of look, because not only focus on a sporting activity since it is a casual shoe that you can combine with an outfit for office or that are perfect with jeans, jersey And sweatshirt, the urban look par excellence.

This shoe offers comfort and has matte grey panels and backed nylon panels. One advantage of this type of footwear is that it can be worn by men of all ages, models, textures and designs fit all types of wearers and styles.

Available at 883 police, priced £ 50

  1. Fuel Denim

This type of shoe is also timeless, should not be missing in your wardrobe and is basic for a casual look or very formal, and this will depend on the cut, the material and the colour of the closed footwear of your choice.

It is a closed shoe, in leather, classic cut and with drawstring, is the basic for a casual date, with them you can achieve a perfect image. Closed denim shoes can give more opportunities to a casual look, colours are more varied, combined with various typical jean and various pants. It has blue and navy suede panels.

This shoe reflects an adventurous personality according to your personality and gets out of the parameters creating a unique look. They have two rubber mould in the tongue on the shoe. It is an indispensable element in your wardrobe, with you will always feel a comfort and you can combine them with the styles that you always use

Available at 883 police, priced £ 50

  1. Force green

Winter demands that we get more sheltered, jackets, coats and jerseys are the trends of this season, and what better shoes to accompany them than a pair of boots. Urban cut and of different colours the force boots are the ideal pieces for a casual, bold and strong look.

These boots have cracked feature print panels; they also have closures to fit them. They are perfect for wearing jeans, skinny pants and different styles, are safe, firm and give you comfort at every step, the footwear par excellence in this season and in summer, where the rains demand that our feet are dry and safe Low temperatures and changes in climate.

Available at 883 police, priced £100