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The best choices for your feet this summer!

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Summer is already knocking at our doors, and it’s time to review the new trends for this season in order to combine comfort and fashion. Today we will focus on our feet, recommending you to buy espadrilles shoes online and other accessories that are equally comfortable, versatile and, of course, ideal for any occasion. Which shoes will trend this summer?

Designer artisan espadrilles

The number 1 option this summer has a traditional name together with a current and attractive design. We have already announced it from the beginning: if this summer you want to trend from head to toe, colorful espadrilles are what you need.

Espadrilles don’t mean just esparto! The collections that are presented this summer combine the resistance and the traditional materials with the most daring and colorful designs so you can enjoy this comfortable and versatile footwear at any time.

These espadrilles are perfect both for beach and mountain excursions, city walks and casual day and night events. Do not hesitate: if you want comfort and design, espadrilles will solve any situation.

Flip Flops

A little more limited in its use but equally versatile are the beach flip flops in their minimal expression.

Forget about those sandals that cover the instep of the foot and, in case you are one of those who like to show off, take advantage of your perfect pedicure with this flip flops that leave your feet completely uncovered.Design on flip flops isn’t just about the strap that holds the foot but also the sole so that they look great whether you are wearing them or not.

Another advantage that offer this type of sandals is that you can carry them in your bag and make use of them at any time. You will also find them available with rhinestones so you do not clutter in excess with an evening gown when it comes to going home.

Striped Sandals

Sandals are another complement that come back every summer, always a good choice due to their versatility.

This year however, forget about those natural and leather fabrics that succeeded in past seasons, as well as the stylized but not too practical Roman style. This summer most of the sandals will present materials that allow you to use them in any place or terrain without spoiling them. Because design should come together with comfort.

In short, the 2017 summer trend in terms of footwear will be versatile, with simple but striking designs and will mostly use resistant materials. Suffering is over in order to show off!