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Save Money On Shoes At These 5 Online Stores

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Online stores are the fad today, this is because they expand the selection of available products for consumers to purchase and are quite convenient. Retailers have invented all manner of tactics and tricks to make consumers buy additional items. It is manipulative but it works in their favor. Fortunately, people have a way to hit back thanks to the numerous counter-tricks that decrease the amount of money that buyers waste on online stores.

The following list of sites will easily save shoppers thousands of dollars, ensure that you check them out:

1. is an online shoe store.

Products deals in various shoe products as follows:

• Women shoes include clogs, sandals, flip flops, flats, slides, boots, shoes, loafers, wedges and flats. Citilane, Summer Prints, Swiftwear and Isabella.
• Men shoes such as clogs, sandals, flip flops, slides, loafers, sneakers and boots. They are under categories like Realtree, Citilane, Kinsale and Swiftwear.
• Girls’ shoes, these comprise of Clogs, sandals, flip-flops, flats and Maryjanes, boots, sneakers, jibbitz and accessories. The categories for girls are Isabella, SWiftwear, CrocsLights and Characters.
• Boys’ shoes, these include clogs, sandals, flip flops, loafers, sneakers, boots, jibbitz charms and accessories. These are grouped into four collections i.e. CrocsLights, Characters, Citilane and Swiftwater.

Why people like it
The following are some of the reasons why people love
• It has top brands
• It has the latest styles.
• It caters for all genders and ages.
• They have good offers for their products.

2. Lugz Footwear

Lugz Footwear is one of the top shoe online stores. It is specialized in offering men a wide selection of shoes.

Lug Footwear sells the following products:
• Mens shoes include boots, empires, drifters, memory foam, snickers, canvas, ballistic, denim and ripstop.
• Womens shoes include boots, slip-ons and drifters.
• Kids are divided into toddler, preschool and grade school.

Why people like it
Lugz footwear is a household name because of the following reasons:
• It has irresistible product offers concerning discounts.
• It has prominent advertising in radio, print and television.
• The stores has a national exposure thus is trustworthy.

3. is an online shoe store that is specialized in making shoes for clients. It is specialized in making shoes but also deals in other products.

Products sold by include:
• Women’s shoes
• Kid’s shoes
• Men’s shoes
• Bags
• Clothes.

All the above shoes come in different styles for different activities.

Why people like it
The following are the main reasons people choose
• It has sizes that are hard to find
• It has free shipping in the U.S on a daily basis.

4. Stacy Adams Canada
Stacy Adams Canada is an online shoe store that is specialized in making shoes for men and boys.

The products of Stacy Adams comprise of the following:
• Men’s shoes i.e. casual and dress shoe option shoes.
• Boys’ shoes
The collection comprises of modern shoes, relaxed shoes, fashion shoes, classic shoes and modern shoes.

Why people like it
This online shoe store is popular because of a good number of reasons:
• It has a wide variety of shoes for both men and boys.
• It has gift cards.
• It has an irresistible clearance sale.

5. Nina shoes is an online store that is specialized in jewelery and shoes for women.

The main products of this online shoe store are as follows:
• Nina collection includes sandals, pumps, block heels, slip ons, flats, swarovski crystals, platforms and wedges, kitten heels and mid heels.
• Bridal collection
• Handbag collection
• Jewelery collection
• Girls’ shoes
• Boys’ shoes

Why people like it
People like Nina shoes for the following reasons:
• They have good product promotions.
• It has a large selection of shoes to select from.

Find verified online coupons at can be used on all the above online stores in a bid to save money on shoe purchases in such tough economic times.