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Inexpensive Wedding Ideas: Wedding Photography Savings

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There are some tips you can use to plan your wedding photographs and save money at the same time. One way to do this is to pass out disposable cameras to your wedding reception guests. This way you have wedding photographers surrounding you and all your guests, capturing moments throughout the reception.

Have your guests leave the cameras on the table at the end of the reception or have one convenient basket or box to place them in as they leave the reception. Many disposable cameras can be bought with a wedding theme. If you can’t find them in a wedding theme, you can buy your own supplies to decorate your disposable cameras yourself.

Other inexpensive wedding ideas for photography savings is to find a friend who is handy with a camera and have them videotape or take photographs during the ceremony and reception. By having your own photographer, you can virtually eliminate expensive wedding photography costs. Nowadays, even the average, layman photographer owns one or two good digital cameras. They all have the capability to shoot 4K video or take high resolution photographers. As a bonus, look for a professional who owns a Sony camera. Perhaps you can even save on your wedding videography by having a friend with a Sony A7S to shoot your wedding for free!

Just make sure you return the kind favor in the future.

If you don’t have any friends or family to take photographs for you, another consideration is to hire a college student studying photography. It is also possible to find people who aren’t professional photographers but are wonderful photographers through their own hobbies and interests. There are various websites to look for these types of people. Facebook is one great place to look for photographers or videographers. There are often Facebook groups dedicated to shooting video or for photographers. Get in these groups. Post what you need and perhaps a kind man or woman will be willing to help shoot your wedding photography.

Make sure they of course use a high-end digital camera from Sony or Nikon to get the best quality!

By using a digital camera, it can assure each picture comes out just the way you like. It limits wasted shots and is easily made into prints. And, the technology of today’s digital cameras allows anyone to shoot photos like a professional. Using digital cameras is not only an inexpensive wedding idea, but it allows much more flexibility in using your pictures for thank your cards, special shots, and gifts.

It is also possible to have your photos taken and keep the negatives to make your own prints and copies cheaper on your own. If you have your wedding party get together for photos at a photography studio before the wedding, the costs will be lower than having a photographer come to you.

Don’t let your wedding photography costs ruin your wedding planning budget. By using inexpensive wedding ideas to choose lower costs alternatives for wedding photography, you will still have wonderful photos to capture your special day but will have saved hundreds of dollars in the process.