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Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing a New Eyeglass

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Now that your eye exam is finished, here’s the fun part: purchasing new eyeglasses. Before you dive into hundreds of brands and different types of frames, properly ask yourself the following questions so you won’t make mistakes when purchasing new eyeglasses, these questions will also help assist you in making the best decision.

  1. What lens type do I need?

If you only need one visual lens, you can select from any frame size. However, if you need trifocal or bifocals, you may require a deeper frame, a larger viewing space at all distances.

  1. What is my style?

Do you like to wear a classic or sport look or do you like vintage fashion? With our help, you can narrow down the available choices based on preferred frame shape and personal style, retro, think classic, designers or sporty.

  1. What will I normally be doing in these glasses?

If you want to be active in your glasses, you will need permanent frames and glasses. Frames that have flexible metal are the perfect option so they don’t break. You can choose the right lenses (such as permanent polycarbonate lenses) when making payments.

  1. Do I have allergies or sensitive skin?

In a situation where you are allergic or sensitive to certain materials, you can consider selecting an anti-allergic option like any nickel, plastic, or stainless steel. Simply choose the “hypoallergenic” option while applying filters.

  1. Will I be staring at the computer screen while wearing these glasses?

Anti-reflective layer is always a positive addition to your lenses. The AR coating helps to reduce the glare behind the lenses, which tend to prevent eye strain and squinting.

  1. What color do I want?

If you remove your old frames or you are purchasing your first pair, you can consider selecting a color that goes along with almost everything in your closet, such as brown, black, or crystal. If you own a pair of glasses already and want to go out, look at accessories and clothes and select the color you wear more often. Or simply choose your favorite color!

  1. What are my brand’s priorities?

In case you already have favorite brands, you can easily filter the framework options based on them. Alain Assedo Opticein has over 250 premium brands and designs, so be sure to get one that you will like there.