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How to Select the Right Men’s Haircut

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When choosing the right men’s haircut for you, the most important factor that will determine this is your face shape. From there, you can then select a haircut that works best with that shape.

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape

The best way to determine the shape of your face is to measure it. You can use a tape measure to measure the width of your forehead, jaw, and length between cheekbones. Use the average of these measurements and then measure the length of your face from your chin to the edge of your hairline.

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If the width average is about the same as the length, this indicates a round face. If the length measures about 1.5 times longer than the width average, you have an oval face. If the length is even longer than 1.5 times the width average, you have an oblong face.

Faces with a length about the same as the width average and a wide jaw are square. If you have wider cheeks, this indicates a diamond shape. Individuals with pointy chins and jaws that are wider than the forehead have a triangle face shape.

Choosing a Haircut Based on the Shape of the Face

Here are some hairstyles that work with each face shape.

Haircuts for Oval Faces

Men with this face shape are lucky because it works with nearly all hairstyles, meaning they can sport any haircut they want. However, they should avoid longer fringes that make the face look rounder than it is.

It’s better to push it back. Sharp angles of a haircut and volume make the face appear sharper and more masculine.

Round Face Haircuts

Round faces work with hairstyles that have sharp angles and volume. Keep the sides shorter while maintaining a longer length on the top, which will make your face appear longer. A side part can also make the face look longer. However, people with this face shape will want to avoid buzzcuts and full fringes, as these make the face appear rounder.

Oblong Face Hairstyles

Oblong faces also work with many hairstyles, but should avoid short and tight hairstyles that make the face look longer. Instead, they should go for something longer and layered on the top.

Square Face

The square face is widely considered to be the ideal male face shape, as it works with all hairstyles, from long to short.

Diamond and Triangular Face Shapes

These face shapes are typically best when paired with short hair on the sides and a longer top. Undercuts and modern fades look particularly good with triangular and diamond faces.

Regardless of your face shape, there’s a hairstyle out there that will help you look your best, whether you have a rounder or sharper face shape.