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Different Kinds of Hair Coloring Techniques You Should Know About

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Not each one of us is blessed with the hair color that we desire. It doesn’t mean we would have to live with what we have. Hair coloring makes it easier for us to choose any color no matter how unconventional or crazy it might look. However, before you decide get your hair colored, you need to know there are various techniques with different outcomes that you can choose out of. Here’s a list of different hair coloring techniques you should know about.


Highlights have been one of the most trending hair coloring techniques out there. Here, you are not dealing with each and every strand of your hair. The stylist would take certain small sections of your hair and wrap it in foils to color them. As a result, there are lighter and brighter tones to your natural hair which sets them apart. However, the best kind of highlight is when these colored tresses don’t look too out of place. They should blend in naturally with your natural hair without looking forcefully dyed. Highlights are a little tricky, which is why you should make sure you choose the right stylist.


Ombre is a technique wherein one color of your hair make a transition to another color. If it is dark at the top and light at the bottom, you call it traditional. The opposite of traditional is called reverse ombre. Ombre gives a subtle touch and a very natural look to your hair. It has recently become very much popular among people. To know more about ombre trends, check out styles from the cuddl.


Balayage is more like a mix of ombre and highlights. While half the hair would be colored with a different color to create a very natural descent, some of the sections of the hair will be highlighted with the same color from top to bottom. If ombre is too low-key for you, you can go for balayage to add a little more color and brightness.

Color melting

While ombre, highlights, and balayage mostly deal with two colors, color melting is when you sue three colors on hair. While the top layer can be your natural hair color, the mid-section has a lighter shade and the lower part of your hair is the lightest shade. This technique is carefully done so that the kind of mixing, merging, and transition in these colors look totally natural.


Babylights is more like highlights with some subtle differences in how they look. For babylights, the stylist would use really fine strokes of colors and this is generally done around the hairline. This technique adds brightness to the roots itself.

Single Process

Single processing has been there since long and is a very straight kind of hair coloring. This kind of technique means using just one color to color the entire hair. Also, this technique does not use bleach for the desired result. This has been more common kind of hair coloring technique for people who would want to cover up their grey locks.