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3 Reasons Why Tape Extensions Are Preferred by Hairstylists

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There’s a very good reason why hairstylists prefer tape in hair extensions, in fact, there are three good reasons! Tape in extensions are fast and easy to apply, non-damaging guarantee, and provide higher earning costs.

Fast and Easy

Tape extensions are super easy to apply, no chemicals, tools or special techniques required. You do not have to sit for 1-2 hours getting your extensions installed AND removed! Let’s face it; hairstylists dread the long process as much as you do! After a long process of installing, a haircut and style is still to follow.

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For stylists, training on applying tape in hair extensions is one of the easiest training they go through. No tools or heat is needed to apply tape in hair extensions. Although it is not as complicated as the rest of the methods in the market, we can still use our artistic abilities to add dimension with different placement per client. Using this much simpler application, we can still achieve the same looks like any other method of hair extension.


Tape in hair extensions are the most cost-efficient way to get hair extensions. Because it only takes under an hour to apply the extensions, they are much more affordable than any other extension method out there. Hairstylists can offer tape in hair extensions to ALL clientele. From pre-teens who just want a pop of colour to someone who wants fuller/thicker hair. Tape in hair extensions usually last about 8 to 12 weeks. This also helps you increase your revenue by your clients rebooking with you every few months! This is a great selling point that is hard to resist!

Least damaging

YES! You read that right. Tape in hair extensions are the LEAST damaging hair extension on the market. A stylists job is to take care of your hair. Most stylists will put extensions in their own hair before putting them in a client’s hair.

My first experience with tape-in hair extensions was about three years ago. I had to put them on to find out after hearing that they would cause no damage to my natural hair! I had my stylist apply these in about 30 mins. Right away I noticed that they were super light. I didn’t feel a thing. I couldn’t believe it. Fast and easy application. They were incredibly flexible, and I had no problems putting my extensions up in a ponytail either! They completely transformed my look just like any other extension would. I wore them for 12 weeks and never had one extension fall out. I was so relieved after the nightmare with the beaded extensions. I am now an exclusive Tape In hair extension wearer!

Tape In extensions are really for everyone! The biggest bonus is that they are affordable. How can your client resist that? Easy application, cost-efficient and least damaging; what more can you ask for? You can purchase 100% premium Remy tape-in extensions from .